North Carolina Christmas Tree Growers Association - Christmas Tree Farms in NC

National Christmas Tree Association
The National Christmas Tree Association represents Christmas tree professionals all across the United States, and promotes the use of real Christmas trees. More that 5,100 professionals support the NCTA through their membership, participation in the Tree Industry Partnership, and/or individual investments. By focusing its work on 3 key areas; promotion and research, federal representation, and professional education; the NCTA helps its members provide a higher quality product at a reasonable cost to a wide variety of consumers all across the nation.

North Carolina Christmas Tree Association
Like the National Christmas Tree Association, the NCCTA helps its members succeed through promotion and education. North Carolina has more than 1,600 growers that produce about 50 million Fraser Fir Christmas trees growing on over 25,000 acres. About 90% of species grown in North Carolina are Fraser Firs. The North Carolina Fraser Fir has been judged the nations best through a contest sponsored by the NCTA, and has been chosen as the official White House Christmas tree 9 times, more than any other species.

Allegheny Christmas Tree Association
Allegheny County’s location in the higher elevations of Western North Carolina where the cool temperatures and altitude offer the perfect climate for growing Christmas trees,

particularly the North Carolina Fraser Fir. Due to the mild harvest season in Allegheny County, we can minimize the time between harvest and shipment to ensure you get the freshest tree possible.

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